Thursday, December 3, 2009

PRC launches Internet website regarding Goldstone Report

PRC launches Internet website regarding Goldstone Report

The Palestinian Return Center (PRC) in London as part of its Media
activities has begun a project on the Goldstone Report. The center
launched a new website to disseminate the major findings of the report
and provide useful analysis. The website can be visited on, and includes valuable information not widely
available or known elsewhere.

According to PRC media department, there has been a number of
websites launched by pro Israeli lobbies and groups which adopt the
official Israeli narration in respect of the Goldstone report. These
websites include misleading and misguiding information about the siege
and the War on the Gaza Strip.

PRC commented on the new website launched by the center as a new
dimension in its strategy in bringing the realities on the ground to
the eyes of the world. It tries to highlight the Palestinian victims
especially the refugees who were the majority victims in the December
war of 2008.

The Goldstone report tackles key points from the war such as the
attack on the UNRWA school, destruction of UN food stockpiles,
targeting of civilians, use of illegal weapons, excessive use of force
and violence and the overall damage to infrastructure.

Developing on the facts mentioned on the report, PRC is holding a
memorial week for Gaza victims between 13 and 19 of January 2010 where
a number of workshops, galleries and speeches would be held in

PRC strongly believes that the mainstream media has miserably failed
to represent the truth of the conflict. Israelis misuse and manipulate
the facts depicting victims as terrorists.

PRC, through its media department, will monitor and provide analysis
of upcoming event on the Palestinian arena in an effort to provide an
alternative perspective especially the continual plight of the

PRC media department added that the website focuses on three main
stages, the Israeli withdrawal, the siege and the war. The actions of
the Israelis in these areas are evidence that there is no advancement
towards improving the living conditions of the Palestinians that are
still under an illegal occupation.